Embrace Fresh Beginnings On 1 January

Welcome to the realm of daily inspiration – where each sunrise brings new opportunities and a fresh perspective. In the spirit of positivity and reflection, our ‘Thought of the Day’ series aims to encapsulate the essence of wisdom, motivation, and contemplation.

Join us on this intellectual journey as we unveil daily nuggets of insight, encouraging you to ponder, inspire, and navigate the complexities of life with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Thought Of The Day

“5 Rules of happiness: Don’t hate, don’t worry, give more, expect less, live simply”

Thought Of The Day- 5 Rules Of Happiness: Don’t Hate, Don’t Worry, Give More, Expect Less, Live Simply

Quote Of The Day

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” — Nelson Mandela

Quote Of The Day- A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up

Verse Of The Day 1 January 2024

James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Verse Of The Day 1 January 2024- If Any Of You Lacks Wisdom, You Should Ask God, Who Gives Generously To All Without Finding Fault, And It Will Be Given To You.

Special Days On 1 January

1. New Year’s Day

2. Global Family Day

Famous Personalities Born On 1 January

1. Angourie Rice (Actress, Soundtrack)

2. Sam Spruell (Actor, Writer)

3. Madolyn Smith Osborne (Actress)

4. Colin Morgan (Actor)

5. Josha Stradowski (Actor)

6. Claudia Harrison (Actress)

7. Dedee Pfeiffer (Actress)

8. Suzy Kendall (Actress, Soundtrack)

9. Morris Chestnut (Actor, Producer, Director)

10. Frank Langella (Actor, Producer, Soundtrack)

11. Amélie Hoeferle (Actress)

12. Verne Troyer (Actor, Stunts, Director)

13. Stanley Kamel (Actor, Soundtrack)

14. Nicholas Farrell (Actor)

15. Sharon Small (Actress)

16. Dana Andrews (Actor, Soundtrack)

17. Stephanie Faracy (Actress)

18. Clare Calbraith (Actress)

19. Damon Runyan (Actor, Director, Writer)

20. Sheila McCarthy (Actress, Producer, Writer)

21. Joey Batey (Actor, Soundtrack)

22. Dana DeLorenzo (Actress, Producer, Writer)

23. Fiona Dolman (Actress, Soundtrack)

24. Kôji Yakusho (Actor, Director, Writer)

25. Derek Webster (Actor)

26. Gabriel Jarret (Actor, Writer)

27. Eden Riegel (Actress, Additional Crew, Casting Director)

28. Jonas Armstrong (Actor)

29. Juliana Harkavy (Actress, Writer)

30. Carole Landis (Actress, Writer, Soundtrack)

31. Cameron Cowperthwaite (Actor, Writer, Producer)

32. Josette Simon (Actress)

33. Carlos Gómez (Actor, Producer)

34. Crystal Fox (Actress)

35. Hannah Barefoot (Actress, Writer, Producer)

36. Anna Brewster (Actress)

37. Matthew ‘Stymie’ Beard (Actor, Soundtrack)

38. Andrew Simpson (Actor)

39. Anders Danielsen Lie (Actor, Soundtrack)

40. Meagen Fay (Actress, Soundtrack)

41. Don Novello (Actor, Writer, Producer)

42. Lara Robinson (Actress)

43. Richard Edson (Actor, Camera and Electrical Department, Writer)

44. Helen Westcott (Actress, Soundtrack)

45. Mr. Lawrence (Actor, Writer, Art Department)

46. Frederick Wiseman (Director, Editor, Producer)

47. David Holmes (Stunts, Actor, Producer)

48. Ashley Gorrell (Actress)

49. Hazar Ergüçlü (Actress, Producer, Soundtrack)

50. Debra Lawrance (Actress, Soundtrack)

Famous Personalities Died On 1 January

1. Hank Williams (Singers)

2. Donna Douglas (Singers)

3. Grace Hopper (Scientists)

4. Shirley Chisholm (Leaders)

5. Cesar Romero (Film & Theater Personalities)

6. Ray Walston (Actor & Comedian)

7. Townes Van Zandt (Country Singer & Songwriter Best Known for His Songs: ‘Pancho and Lefty’ and ‘For the Sake of the Song’)

8. Margaret Sullavan (Actress)

9. Heinrich Hertz (German Physicist Who Discovered the Existence of Electromagnetic Waves)

10. Maurice Chevalier (French Singer Best Known for His Signature Songs: “Livin’ In The Sunlight”, “Valentine”, “Louise” and “Mimi”)

11. David Stern (Lawyer, Business Executive and 4th Commissioner of the National Basketball Association)

12. Victor Buono (Actor)

13. Patti Page (Singer, Actress)

14. Dan Reeves (American Football Coach)

15. Louis XII of France (King of France from 1498 to 1515)

16. Lexii Alijai (American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter)

17. Floyd Little (American football player)

18. Don Larsen (Baseball player)

19. Johann Christian Bach (Composer)

20. Fusajiro Yamauchi (Japanese Entrepreneur Best Remembered as the Founder of ‘Nintendo’)

21. James Francis Edward Stuart (Son of the Deposed Roman Catholic Monarch James II of England)

22. Juanita Moore (Actress)

23. Johann Bernoulli (Mathematician)

24. Edward Weston (Photographer)

25. Christian III of Denmark (King)

26. Loie Fuller (Actor, Lighting designer, Choreographer, Artist, Dancer, Stage actor, Model)

27. Darrent Williams (American football player)

28. Arleigh Albert Burke (Admiral)

29. Eugene Wigner (Physicist & Mathematician)

30. Derek Parfit (Philosopher)

31. Odo, Count of Paris (King of West Francia)

32. Mark Eden (Actor)

33. Lhasa de Sela (Singer-songwriter)

34. Charles II of Navarre (King)

35. Roland Hayes (African-American concert artist)

36. Lloyd Haynes (Actor, Screenwriter)

37. Gioffre Borgia (Illegitimate child of Pope Alexander VI)

38. Alastair Denniston (Scottish Field Hockey Player)

39. Thomas Sutherland (Founder of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)

40. Kiro Gligorov (Politician)

41. Gary Burgess (Former Journalist, broadcaster known for ITV Channel Television, Channel 103)

42. Bob Anderson (British Olympic Fencer and a Renowned Film Fight Choreographer)

43. Vilmos Zsigmond (Cinematographer)

44. Willie Keeler (Baseball player)

45. Vincent Auriol (President of France from 1947 to 1954)

46. Ulrich Beck (German Sociologist and One of the Most Cited Social Scientists in the World During His Lifetime)

47. Ignatius L. Donnelly (Politician)

48. Helen Suzman (Politician)

49. Louis Auguste Blanqui (French Revolutionary and Political Activist Known for His Revolutionary Theory of ‘Blanquism’)

50. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar (Father of research laboratories)

Events On 1 January 2024

As January 1, 2024 falls on a Monday, there are a few noteworthy events happening on that day:

New Year’s Day: This is the most widely celebrated event on January 1st, marking the beginning of a new calendar year. People around the world celebrate with fireworks, parades, parties, and resolutions.

World Peace Day: Observed annually on January 1st, this day is dedicated to promoting peace and international cooperation. The United Nations encourages individuals and organizations to take action to create a more peaceful world.

United States: In the United States, New Year’s Day is a federal holiday. Many people attend college football bowl games, such as the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. The Tournament of Roses Parade is also held in Pasadena, California, on New Year’s Day.

Canada: In Canada, New Year’s Day is also a national holiday. Many Canadians enjoy winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, on New Year’s Day. Some cities also hold polar bear plunges, where people jump into cold water to raise money for charity.

Japan: In Japan, New Year’s Day is a major holiday. People visit shrines and temples to pray for good luck in the coming year. They also eat traditional New Year’s foods, such as osechi-ryori (a set of small dishes) and mochi (rice cakes).

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