Sania Mirza First Muslim Women Fighter Jet Pilot

Sania Mirza Will Be First Muslim Women Fighter Pilot in Indian Airforce

The daughter of a television mechanic from Mirzapur News has been selected for the Defense Academy exam. She occupies her second position in the Flying Her Wing among her 19 seats reserved for women. This paved the way for Sania Mirza to become a fighter pilot. Sania Mirza leaves the NDA, making her the country’s first Muslim female fighter pilot.

Who is Sania Mirza – The First Muslim Fighter Pilot

Sania Mirza is the daughter of Shahid Ali, a television mechanic who lives in Jasovar, Dehat Kotwali district of Mirzapur. Sania completed her studies from grade 1 to 10 at Pandit Chintamani Dubi Inter College in her village. She then studied at Guru Nanak Inter-College until the 12th. Sania promised from the beginning. She was the best in class 12.

Sania passed her NDA test on April 10, 2022. After that, she also has her name on the list released in November. She will attend NDA Academy in Kadagwasura, Pune on 27th December. Sania dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot since she was a child, and she enlisted in the Air Force. After completing his 12th degree, he also coached for this. Her efforts finally paid off. Apart from her parents, the whole district is proud of his achievements.

Studied at UP Board

Student Sania Mirza told her teacher that she didn’t decide to become a fighter pilot until after she graduated from high school. Sania says she achieved this position even after studying at the UP board today. Only the CBSE ICSE board child would succeed in her NDA, but accomplishing this showed that the UP board child could also pass her NDA. She said, “I had to make room for two fighter pilots, and I made it today”. Later, Sania Mirza passed the 12th-grade exam at Guru Nanak Girls Inter-College in the city and the 12th-grade UP board district topper is also Sania Mirza. Sania Mirza then went on to prepare and succeed at the Centurion Defense Academy. Sania Mirza said the letter of accession came a day ago. She had to go to Pune to participate on December 27th.

Ranked 149th on NDA Exam

Sania Mirza becomes the country’s first Muslim female fighter pilot. A Paheli fighter pilot from Uttar Pradesh also won the title. He earned 149th place in his NDA exam. Sania Mirza said she decided to become a fighter pilot after graduating from high school.

Sania Mirza draws inspiration from her Avni Chaturvedi, the country’s first fighter pilot, who today earned this position. Sania Mirza failed her first attempt, but passed the exam the second time, bringing her to glorious glory for both the district and the country. Sania Mirza is the second girl to be selected as a fighter pilot in the country.

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